HONESTY : Patient problems  along with images are captured and shown to the patients and if neede xrays are taken,following which the problems and thier causes are explained .finally a detailed quote of the treatment neede and thier cost is given in a printed format to the patient so that they can take thier time and review it following which if they are satisfied they can make a prior appointment.Only after the patient’s approval treatment will be given. Any information about the disease will not be exaggerated.we stress on universal service for all.

QUALITY : VBose Dental Care is known for offering fast service with world class standards. All objects used in treating the patients will be used only once and be incinerated. This will prevent transmission of diseases to other patients. We ensure that they are duly sterilized using AUTOCLAVE.we also believe in providing quality care for all hence all the patients will have the same quality of treatment with same charges.

WE CARE : we treat with our heart and every patient are a part of our family .

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well established over 15 years in the field of dental care and various campaigns in rural areas, your smile is our satisfaction.


Following ethical dental practices, transparency in the dental treatment to be availed. Honesty, quality care is our main motto.


Dental treatment is an art, dental surgeries are performed with utmost importance to sterilization protocols with appropriate dental care.


Dental equipment used by our dentist is used once and then incinerated or given for proper disposal. We focus on sustainability.

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