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Dental implants are similar to the construction of a building; do we focus on building our home with cheap materials? It is similar in dental implants. It involves placing titanium parts or frame. Free dental Care is not possible in these cases, even so if free dental Care is done to a patient it replaces his jaw bone in a misaligned manner leading to change in face structure. Our dentist Dr.V.Bose with his experience of more than 15 years and handling numerous dental implant cases, dentures and Bridges mounted by our dentist will ensure that you can carry out regular activities. The benefits of availing dental implant in our hospital is the assurance of quality dental Care, deep knowledge about the dental implant before surgery, discussion of the blueprint metal frame which includes dentures and bridges. Our doctor (dentist) will ensure that the quality of dental service availed is on par with the international standards. Dental implants might be finding cheap in other dental Care hospitals but think before you act, as a small mistake can lead to change in complete structure of your face which further increases the cost of dental operation.

  • Single teeth replacement: when a tooth is removed, missing or extracted due to dental problem a replacement should be placed in the open space to maintain a proper teeth alignment.

  • Multiple tooth replacement: It involves removing multiple tooths similar to that of a single implant and it is know as hybridge it can be done in both the jaws

  • Full multi reconstruction with implants: By surgically placing all the teeths through a implant the structure of the jaw remains intact, this procedure is done in case of severe damage in the gums and teeth.

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